Black Friday

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Hello Envy Lightweight Raglan Pullover Pre Order

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Amanda Gaddis

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I recently went out on a small adventure and all on a first time meet with a new friend Amanda Gaddis. Now a days how most friendships start at a party or on social media ours was the second. I needed someone to shoot for the day and she actually popped up on my “Friends I Would Know”. So that being said I saw that she had done some modeling before and shot her a message and soon after I got a reply and before you knew it we were out the door and off to some local spots. IMG_0575 copy

Not only was she very photogenic but she made me laugh pretty hard at times and made it hard to hold the camera straight but also reminded me a little bit of myself as she is very free spirited and just likes to just have a good time on set. She even took me to a rad spot underneath a bridge where ropes hung to where people are able to swing across like spiderman. Probably one of the coolest random things I have seen in a while. Expect to see a lot more of her at events with us and coin her thing on the modeling scene.IMG_0587 copy IMG_0675 copy IMG_0691 copy IMG_0754 copy IMG_0780 copy IMG_0786 copy

Agenda Long Beach

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I had the pleasure of checking out the Agenda Long Beach Trade Show this last Thursday. Without a doubt this had to be one of the coolest days with this brand and probably of my life. I got to be among some of the strongest brands in the industry and found out about some pretty cool new up and coming ones. Not only was it a great learning experience but I also was able to meet basically all of my heroes that have inspired this brand in one way or another. Benny Gold, Joe King from Rook, Bobby and Ben From the Hundreds and Nick from Diamond Supply Co. All supplied me with invaluable information and inspiration to put into my work and will be forever grateful.

IMG_3325 One of the booths I enjoyed viewing the most was Rook’s. Joe had displayed a lot of his original sketches for the t-shirt designs designs they have out now and will put out. This was really cool to see,  especially knowing that a awesome brand such as this cares more about the art and quality of the product then the hype and who is wearing their shirts. I can’t wait to see what come next for them!

LION ENVY x Sam Rainsbury

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A couple weeks ago I got together with one of our new team members Sam Rainsbury and shot a little visual look book of our top Spring and Summer 14 pieces. It was a blast to shoot and what made this video even cooler is the fact that it was shot on a IPhone 5s. She has some pretty crazy powers and artistic talents…well I won’t say anymore just check out the video and pick up a shirt from us.

O.K.I.M: Finer Things

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Our good and long time friend has done it again make sure to peep out his single “Finer Things”. It’s fresh, jazzy and just the thing to get the night started. If you haven’t checked out some of his music you should definitley get familiar because there is way more to come from this kid backed by the Airborn Division!!!

Summer Release & Show With OKIM

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My good friend OKIM and I are teaming up again for a local night of craziness. Come by the show in Corona, CA at the Marquee theater this Saturday. Show starts at 7 and OKIM will be closing out the night. Click the link below to check out his music page. I will have new products with everything from accessories to new tees. 25% off will be given to all those who present me with this flyer, it can be as easy as just bringing it up on your phone. Come out and show your support for local artists, I hope to see you all there.

Show Flyer

Venue Tradeshow

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Two Weeks ago LION ENVY took part in the start of a movement called The Venue Trade Show. The Venue Trade Show (known as Venue) is aiming to become the premier place to showcase your brand. Venue was created to cater to a new and hungry generation of designers. Being that this was our first trade show, I was very pleased with the easy-going and accommodating atmosphere that was created by Miles Canares and his dedicated crew. All of the brands we met were in high spirits, filled with positive and creative people which include Marillest, Tandem, Bespoke Cut N Sew, and INV8R just to name a few. The event also featured a panel of guest speakers of well-known business people and brand owners that included Andy “IMKING” Nguyen, Jon Phenom and Chris Ngo which covered the do’s and don’ts when it comes to running a brand. Big thanks to them for the advice! Overall the crew and I had a great time. Take a look below at some of the shenanigans we got into. Thank you Venue for having us. We look forward to growing with this show and inspiring the next generation. Stay Creative!


We couldn’t sleep the night before the show so we went out for a little thrill climb in Hollywood
8 9

Not gonna lie I’m not the best when it comes to heights but this was an awesome team building moment. Holding each others legs while we lean over a building definitely built confidence in each other.


You can always count on the boys from Bespoke Cut N Sew to nail it when it comes to customizing hats.


3 4 5


Thanks to Rosewood Barber Shop for stopping through the show and giving out some clean cuts.


Shout out to Rosewood Barber shop for coming through the show and serving up some fresh cuts.

Here  are a couple re cap videos of the show stoked we got to be a part of them. Shout out to Know History Films and Dopamine36 thanks for the coverage.



O.K.I.M x LION ENVY Collaboration Series-Party Like It’s Over

O.K.I.M x LION ENVY Collaboration Series-Party Like It’s Over

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O.K.I.M and L.I.O.N ENVY have been teaming up since day one. I first met this up and coming artist when first I sponsored his rock band West Side Story (R.I.P)  back in 2008. Since then we have shared some pretty crazy memories together, doing shows up and down California as well as Arizona. This is just the beginning for the both of us. O.K.I.M has been pushing and working harder than ever. His debut album drops on iTunes this Saturday Nov. 3rd so please make sure you pop in and grab the album. I promise you won’t be disappointed. Moving on this collaboration tee has been in the works for a while now. We wanted to put together a design that captured the essence of the Youth  Southern California Lifestyle  that means bold letters, sunny colors and not only a song title but  “Party Like It’s Over” is something that we most defiantly do all to often. Be sure to grab this shirt if you support one or the other. This pick up comes with a custom size tag that tells a short story of O.K.I.M and L.I.O.N ENVY as well as  bunch of goodies inside so you will defiantly be getting your moneys worth. We both thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your support over the years.


Be sure to checkout the new “Party Like It’s Over” Directed by our good friend Director: Nikka Far @NikkaFar

Street Harassment Is Not A Compliment

Street Harassment Is Not A Compliment

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Warped Tour 2012

Warped Tour 2012

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The 2012 Vans Warped Tour has so far been one of the best in years. I have already gotten to see so many old friends as well as get the opportunity to make new ones. I attended the Irvine and Ventura dates, both were such a blast. Take a peak at some of my memories from this years festival.

Ventura started off with a sick set from Of Mice & Men   

Ran into this kid walking around and he had an Envy hat on soooo sweet!

Got to meet up with the guys from Pierce The Veil and give them some shirts after their set. Really cool dudes.

Ran into Cisco Adler backstage

Drummer Jake Massucco of Four Year Strong picked up and Envy 2 Eave Cap in Ventura

New Found Glory closing out the day in Ventura

Jake Vincent of Falling In Reverse

O.K.I.M sporting a new shirt to be released soon. I am wearing our collab shirt that will also be released on the site soon.

Last but not least the man that started the Vans Warped Tour Mr. Kevin Lyman

Extreme Thing 2012

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Last weekend, the crew and I made our way out to Las Vegas for Extreme Thing for the second year in a row. It’s one of the biggest music festivals in Vegas, we just had to do it again. 2012 definitely trumped the 2011 because I got to see all of the friends I made ’11. Here is a little video I made from the footage we shot on our trip. The new camera I got had this slow-motion option which made everything ultimately more epic! Make sure you keep up with us to check out our new shirts that will be released very soon!


O.K.I.M Show Video

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This past Saturday was pretty cool my good friends from O.K.I.M had a show opening up for the Young Money artist known as Tyga. Everyone was pumped it felt good to see some old faces as well as meet new ones. Pretty stoked we had some of the guys supporting my brand and what we do here. Guitarist Santana was rocking the Simply Misunderstood Crew Neck, drummer JP sporting the Grey and Black Logo Tee and Miko showing off the BP shirt in the beginning of the video as well as giving us a shout out towards the end. Thanks guys for the support. Here is the video from the show.

Black Friday Fire Sale

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This Friday will be our first ever Black Friday Fire Sale…why wait in line at a store when you can do a good amount of shopping from your computer at home. From Midnight to Midnight the sale will be live and only on our sale website which is No Promo code needed everything will already be discounted. Sizes are limited so be sure to grab what you want early. Have a Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

Pogs and Sonic

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So I was just thinking about how much I loved the 90’s I realize I was just a kid back then and being 22 now I can see how good we had it back then and also we had the best toys and cartoons. Which got me thinking about something soI looked in one of my drawers in my desk and broke out my old pogs that my mom almos threw out. And started scheming some ideas together to make a t-shirt inspired by pogs and possibly some 90’s cartoon shirts as well. Hmmmm time to bust out the drawing pad.

Come hang this Sat!

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This saturday 11/12/11 we are going to have a booth thanks to some friends of ours that are going to be playing the show at the Press Box in Anahiem this saturday night doors open at 7pm and the show is all ages with $10 at the door. Look for the Envy street team to get special deals that night ;-) Come by the table and say hello, get in our pics and make it on our site.

Trip to UCSD

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This weekend I took a trip out to the University of San Diego to visit my little sister, who is now in her sophemore year. We had told eachother a while back on the 5th of november I would drive down there to watch V for Vendetta which is a great movie btw. To which we did followed by some other fun activities. Eating junk food, looking at art, playing late night broom ball…etc ;-)

    Probably one of my favorite spots in San Diego.

    Saw this just walking around La Jolla and thought it was beautiful

 A pretty sick print by Andy Warhol at his gallery in La Jolla

  We had to satisfy our sweet tooths so we took a tip to the famous Ghiradelli Chocholates in downtown San Diego

I saw a bunch of these posted up on the windows of the dorms on campus and thought a lot of them were good but this was my favorite and caught my eye the most. If you look closly they are actually a bunch of post it’s collaged together to make a picture of mega man…awesome!!!! Kind of gave me some inspiration or a design haha.

Chain Reaction With OKIM

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Last night Mikko (front man for okim) gave me a call and told me about this last minute show out in Anaheim at Chain Reaction. I thought it would be a fun trip to get some good pictures and see some friends. Towhich I got to meet a couple new ones. I was pleased to see that the band all sported Envy Tees and the new 2 wave snaps. Here are some pics from last night.

                                 Loading up


                                   One of the most epic beautiful merch counter I have ever seen.

50/50 Burger

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If your ever in the Anaheim hills, Yorba Linda or Huntington Beach area here in So Cal be sure to stop by at Slaters 50/50 Burger and Design. I was taken here last night as a surprise from my girlfriend and I have to tell you it was delicious! We started off with some fried macaoroni and cheese bites, which I have never had before but loved. With so many options you get to design your burger from top to bottom. I’m a little picky but I had to experement and got their famous 50/50 patty (half beef and half bacon), American Cheese, 1000 Island Dressing, Scrambled Eggs and finally covered by a good old Wheat Bun. It may look like a hear attack in a bun but trust me…it’s sooo worth it! Unfortunatly I was way to full for desert but if you aren’t be sure to try something else they are famous for…their 50/50 Bacon Brownie it looked sooo gooood! So if your ever in any of those areas give this little place a try and a fun place for happy hour.


It’s HERE!!!!

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It’s here, new shirts for this fall line is finally here! With more additions soon to come. I’m super excited for all these new releases. The shoot was super fun, a big thanks to our photographer Bobby, O.K.I.M and my girlfriend Holley :-) Expect a couple more Halloween driven shirts a long with maybe a new commercial here and there. Until then…ENJOY!!!!!